About Us

Founded by Art Hird back in 1975, Advantage Gate Products began as licensed independent contractors specializing in the sales and installation of gates and control products. 

From our contracting roots we learned first-hand that well-made products work better and last longer. They may not be the lowest cost, but they are the best value. 

We knew it just made good sense to use the highest quality components in our designs and installations. And when they didn’t exist in the marketplace, we started fabricating some of the components in-house. 

When we create new products like the X-2 Advantage or the Quick-Fold Gate System we guarantee improved performance, increased reliability, faster installation, and lower lifetime maintenance costs. Because we’re still all about giving our customers the best value.

We’re proud to affirm that many of the innovative products we sell are designed, engineered, and manufactured right here in Northern California. 


Innovative solutions to contracting challenges since 1975.

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